As mentioned last week 2021 has been a very strange year indeed. Which was why as a local business we feel it is really important to try and help and support the local charities and community groups as best we can. Which was why earlier this month we decided as a team we would take part in the Midnight Wander for Willow wood hospice. Sadly because of Covid the walk count not go ahead as planned. So instead Willow Wood asked everyone to do the 10k somewhere in there own time during October. After a few sensible suggestions from the girls, you know things like lets walk round Dovestones or in Stamford Park, I came up with a much more entertaining idea. Let’s do the walk on a treadmill in the shop. Needless to say this amazing idea was met with a stunned silence from everyone else. Not deterred, I began the begging mission for a treadmill. Which I managed to borrow from the lovely Corine at 5 A Day Fruit & Veg. The next day we began this crazy fundraising idea. It sounded easy, walking 10k on a treadmill.. let me tell you if you are as unhealthy as me and Catherine, then it was very challenging. I fell off and lost a trainer.. no idea how that happened and Catherine was walking like John Wayne at the end of her stint. It became very clear that Ashlie and Marisa are the fitter of the group, and next year we will make these two do these physical fundraisers while Catherine and I spectate from the side-lines! We managed to raise £200 which considering the climate we were really pleased with. Hospices and local charities must be really struggling at the moment, as the things they used to do to bring funds in to keep going they simply can not do at the moment. You can find out more about Willow Wood and the work they do here