This year has been a very strange one to say the least. During lockdown we tried our best to carry on running the shop through the website, but we were all worried (as I am sure most of you were) about if we would be able to keep going, would we still have jobs at the end of this lockdown? Well, that was then and now months later we know we managed to get through with your support. Thank you so much. We are not out of the woods though, with restrictions on Tameside we knew you were all anxious and still worrying about what was going to happen.

After a few weeks of reopening, I knew from conversations I had with you all and with our suppliers that most people wanted to see the Christmas ranges sooner this year. So never wanting to let you down, we began the mammoth task of pulling all our Christmas orders forwards so we could open our Christmas shop a lot earlier than usual. This went against everything I have said for years, I believe we should enjoy the seasons, but this year it is different.
So we stayed up very late working to get the Christmas shop open and filled with beautiful decorations and we even got some of the Christmas gift ranges out as well. Its been quite a challenge space wise as we still have our other seasonal ranges (Poppies and Halloween) that need some space, and combined with our one way system in place we have had to get creative with the space we have. Hopefully though you have enough space to look at all our lovely goodies and enjoy the ambience of the shop.. don’t worry I couldn’t bring myself to play the Christmas music.. I felt that was a step to far!!
We will still be having a Christmas window this year, and we will decorate the shop as well at the same time as I think having something nice to look forward to is more important than ever. Plus I want you to really enjoy the time you spend shopping with us. Which reminds me, we will be opening 7 days from November, and if anyone would like to come and shop after hours because they are shielding or just because they are working during our opening hours, give us a call and we can book in a private evening shop for you. (01613388262)