Christmas is fast approaching, and many of you will be busy writing out Christmas lists and buying Christmas gifts. This history of Christmas gift giving has its origins in pagan Winter rituals, which as most things do, merged with Christian traditions. In Europe giving gifts at Christmas time links back to begging, the rich would donate food or coins to the poor.  The version that most of us will be familiar with, is the birth of Jesus with the three wise kings visiting baby Jesus bringing gifts of Gold Frankincense and Myrrh.  The gifts given were symbolic with the Gold being a sign of royalty, frankincense was / is used in places of worship, and the Myrrh is a perfume usually used on dead bodies to make them smell nice! (honest I’m not making it up check out this link and find out about the thought process behind it)

For those of you just starting to think about writing your Christmas list, we have a range of stylish shopping pads available in store. These are so cute they are sure to help inspire your list writing, and then you can have the satisfaction of crossing things off the list! We also have our popular Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh candles from Colony back in stock. These are one of our favourite Christmas scents and the large jars are on special offer too. Our gift range has something for everyone in the family, from our gents gifts to our range of cute gifts for children not forgetting our range of unique handmade gifts in the handmade shop upstairs. There are over 30 local people selling their crafts, this really is a one stop shop for quality gifts and decorations. We also offer a gift wrap service, just ask at the till. Should you be struggling with ideas on what to gift someone we do offer gift vouchers, so you can take the pressure off yourself.