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Reviewed: Tula, the ultimate Party Bag!

As mentioned last week, we won the retailer business of the year award at the Pride of Tameside. Now, I obviously had to have a new bag for the occasion, and after feedback from some of you on social media I opted for the gold party bag from Tula as it matched perfectly with a pair of shoes I already had. This week I am sharing my experience of using this bag with you.

 Party Bag Under Review: Tula Party Bags £55

I usually take a clutch bag for special events,there is no real reason, its just out of habit really.This was the first bag I had taken to an event that had a shoulder strap, the plan originally was to detach the strap and use the bag as a clutch. However due to being so disorganised, I completely ran out of time and threw everything I needed into the bag.

For a small bag, I was very surprised at how much actually fitted inside the bag. Typical of Tula design, there is a place for everything inside this party bag. The bag opened easily with a strong magnetic flap, revealing a large slip pocket at the front. Behind this there is a large main section, with a easily accessible zip pocket ideal for storing things you don’t want to loose.

The bag is lined in a really nice salmon pink thick material, which looks like it will wear really well. This has the added bonus of being able to find your processions easily – I struggle to locate lipsticks in bags with dark linings. There is even a large zip pocket on the outside back of the bag.

What I particularly liked about this bag was that because it had a cross body strap on it, I was able to sling it over my shoulder and dance the night away, with out the bag getting in the way – in fact I forgot I was wearing it! A larger bag or clutch would have had to have been abandoned at the table, which is never really the safest option.

I ended up using the bag all weekend, as I didn’t have time to change it on Saturday after the awards, and I only realised on the Sunday evening that I had been using this small gold bag all weekend – with “normal” day time clothes. The bag despite being called a party bag and being gold, worked surprisingly well for everyday use and didn’t look out of place with a pair of jeans. I am totally converted to this little bag, its design is classic and well thought through.

The leather feels lovely and luxurious, and despite the £55 price tag (which I can see why – it is clearly a premium product when compared to some  of the other evening bags we stock). I think you are getting what you pay for.  Tula have produced this bag in lots of colours and prints, and although we only stock black, pewter and gold I will be ordering more colours in.

There is also a larger party bag, which is exactly the same bag, its just larger and there is only a £10 price difference! Sadly, for Mr Magpies bank balance.. I have seen a few other “must have” colours that I will need to try… purely for market research purposes.

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