This weekend we saw the start of May arrive, which mean it was time for a new window display. Ashlie has come up with the idea for a Maypole scene. Maypoles are a traditional folk activity, which sees a wooden pole being erected in a village, usually on a green. The pole is decorated with brightly coloured ribbons and flowers and people dance around the pole holding a long ribbon. As they dance the ribbon becomes wound round the pole. Its one of the old traditional things that doesn’t happen anymore, could you imagine the local youth dancing around a maypole in the square? nah, me neither!!

We decided not to do any dancing around our Maypole as we both have terrible co-ordination, and you all know how clumsy Ashlie is, it would have ended with her injured in some way! We also took inspiration for this window from the design on one of the scarves from Powder “Summer Fete” has a super pretty design (as all Powder scarves do) and we noticed this one has a Maypole with the creatures dancing around it. The design of the window also leant itself to featuring one of our new ranges, the rag dollies. These traditional dolls look perfect in the window dancing around our maypole. We kept in the hops flowers from the “Swing Into Spring” window because we all agreed they are really spring like and the bright blue background is really fresh and bright. We have nearly finished the window with us just needing to install a couple of Umbrellas in the top part of the scene, because it wouldn’t be a British Spring scene without some Spring showers! We will be featuring our gorgeous Galleria umbrellas We hope that you wont need your umbrellas this bank holiday, and that you manage to enjoy some lovely Spring days. We will be closed on the bank holiday but open as usual on Tuesday. You can keep up with Ashlie’s display work and ideas on her Instagram account (Yes that is her dressed as a Easter carrot!)