Hello, I’m Ashlie and I’m the new Trainee Assistant Manager at Magpies Nest. I started at the Nest almost three years ago now – I foolishly said that my first day would be the day after my step brother’s wedding which was not a good idea! My first job was in the ‘Saturday Girl’ role just for the Christmas period. This worked well for me because during this time I was about to begin my third year studying Law at the University of Huddersfield. This meant that I could stay in Huddersfield during the week and then come back home and work at the weekend.
After the manic Christmas period was over, Liz offered me a mini promotion. I would no longer be the Saturday girl, I would now be the person responsible for the openings and closings and serving customers at the weekend. I really enjoyed my new found responsibility in the store, I got to interact with customers more, and help to provide a memorable
shopping experience. This role continued throughout my third and final year of University. I would mainly work weekends, but then pick up extra shifts during the busier periods.
Then in July 2019, I graduated from University with an Upper Second Class Honours Degree in Law and a Masters of Legal Practice. From here, everyone, including me, expected me to get a ‘proper job’ – and I did! What followed was a busy few weeks, my boyfriend and I moved out together, I got my first car and of course that ‘proper job’! My last day in the shop was late September 2019, it was one I would never forget – I got
interviewed for The One Show on BBC (I didn’t get shown on air). Catherine made me do this interview instead of her- I’m still waiting for the perfect moment to get her back (maybe she will have to start doing the scarf tutorials!) I then started my new job at a solicitors on the outside of Manchester. After a matter of weeks, I came to the conclusion that this wasn’t the job for me, so I quickly decided to leave.
Thankfully, Liz had a vacancy in the shop because it was coming up to Christmas which meant there were a lot of shifts available, I jumped at the opportunity to return. All in all I left the shop for just over a month!
Fast forward a few months, just after we had reopened after lockdown, Liz offered me the new position of Trainee Assistant Manager. I am really looking forward to kick starting this new career, and working with Liz to implement some new ideas!
When I’m not working, I love nothing more than going to watch musicals. I often go with my Grandma Marjorie, but I’ve started to rope in my boyfriend to coming with me too! On the rare occasion that I’m off on a Saturday, I will go and watch the football with my dad and brother or go for a few (a lot) of cocktails with my friends – which I can’t wait to start doing