This week our blog is about our December Community work. As you know as part of our business we have some key values regarding the environment and the community. As December is a month traditionally associated with giving gifts to let people know you love them and are thinking of them. A simple gesture that spreads much happiness – who doesn’t like receiving a gift on Christmas morning? With this in mind, we all decided we wanted to do just this and give something to local people so they could open something on Christmas morning. We decided we wanted to give back to two groups of people in the local area. The first was children, as Christmas is really about the kiddies so when we heard about local man Steven Barton and his Christmas Toy Appeal we knew we wanted to donate some toys to this cause. We spoke to some of our suppliers and told them what we wanted the items for, and amazingly they gave us good discount, which enabled us to buy double the toys we budgeted for. Normally here is the bit I was give them a plug, but part of the deal was that we wouldn’t say which supplier it was. They know who they are, and after such a tough year for retail for a supplier to be this kind certainly made me feel the love.

The other group of people we wanted to do something for was the people who are on their own and / or struggling in the community. We didn’t want anyone to be waking up on Christmas morning with out something to open. So we once again spoke to our amazing supplier, and we have been able to deliver 40 Christmas gifts for these local people. We all shared the work load on this and took batches of gifts home and wrapped them up, and made sure they looked pretty. We then teamed up with Steve Barton again and asked him to distribute them to people he knew would benefit from them. We hope that these little gestures puts a smile on peoples faces on Christmas morning. This is one of the great things about Magpie’s Nest, we all love working here I mean who wouldn’t? We are surrounded by beautiful gifts all year round. However we are all like minded people and all agree its important to give back to our local area, whether that is through our time or through physical donations like this. Either way for us the shop gives us the opportunity to do more for our town and meet people who can do more. This for us is an important part of the retail cycle.
We hope everyone had a great Christmas and if you are involved with local community groups that need support or help in someway please get in touch, where we are able we are always willing to help out. Email FAO COMMUNITY MAGPIES