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February Puppy Love Fundraiser

Every February we have a little tradition at the nest, and that is that we try to raise some money for our four legged friends. We call this our “Puppy Love” fundraiser. We pledge to make a donation from the sale of certain doggy related products to our chosen charities. This year we are splitting the donations between two charities Tamesdie & Glossop RSPCA and Muffin Pug Rescue and this week I am going to tell you why.

As many of you know we have the wonderful Horace who many of you have met at the shop. Horace is a half pug, and hes very grumpy with other doggies as hes been attacked a few times in the park . We have always wanted to have another doggy, but have been unsure because Horace is our priority. However when the opportunity came up through the RSPCA to meet an older pug who needed a forever home we couldn’t say no to going to the meeting. Sadly we were not able to offer this doggy a home, and when we explained this to Pat from the RSPCA she mentioned she had another older doggy that had just come in and really needed a home. Out came Hetty and the rest is history. This delicate little ball of black fur came out the back, and stole our hearts.  We agreed to take her for a walk and see how Horace got on with her. Unusually for Horace he quite liked her, and was very well mannered.  We took her home where she has settled in and grown in confidence. She now rules the roost, mercilessly tormenting Horace. Most mornings her chosen technique for waking him up to play, is to run full speed at him, then head butt him until he gets up plays.

Getting a rescue dog is one of the best things we have done, especially for Horace as its really helping him learn how to behave with other dogs. That is why this year we picked these two charities, you can find out more about muffin pug rescue here: and more about Tameside RSPCA here:

This year we raised £71.61, so we will round this up to £80 and split this between the two charities. Thank you all for your support this month, and I hope you enjoy your doggy goodies.

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