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Christmas in October, its like snow in Summer!

Last weekend I enjoyed a lovely Autumnal Walk round Gorse Hall after work on Sunday. It was a perfect Autumnal day, warm, and crisp leaves on the ground. The views looking over Stalybridge were lovely – I really enjoy the rich history of our town and feel lucky to have such pretty countryside on our doorstep. I really enjoy the changes in the seasons, something I think retailers skip past, or gloss over in their rush to push Christmas.

You would never know that it was Autumn if you look at the high street, in fact you could be forgiven for thinking it was the start of December. Selfridges offered customers a select Christmas offering in July this year, and have followed this up by being the first department store in the world to launch their Christmas window.(  Maybe this is the way of the world, especially with massive retailers. However its not much of a different story if you look a little smaller and a little closer to home. Smaller shops have started to promote their Christmas wares through events and online promotions, baubles have started to appear where there used to be birthday cards. Now please don’t get me wrong, I am not a miserable Grinch type of person – I love Christmas as much as one of Santa’s elves… but its October! We haven’t had Halloween, Bonfire night or Remembrance Sunday.

I know Christmas is a big event in everyone’s calendar, but am I alone in thinking its getting earlier and earlier every year? I think that we should enjoy the seasons, yes think about Christmas buy a few bits if you need to, I understand people need to plan and be organised. But lets go trick or treating, lets go for walks in crunchy leaves, lets watch firework displays, but please, lets not put up our Christmas trees yet!  This is why you wont find our Christmas scarves on sale yet, or our Christmas shop open yet – because quite simply its October and I haven’t even bought a pumpkin yet.

For those who cant wait, our Christmas Store will open on Saturday 18th November. Until then you’ll have to make do with Pumpkins and Poppies

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