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Easter Trees, a new fad or an old tradition??

In a couple of weeks it will be Easter, and for many this means a well earned break over the bank holidays and a chocolate binge. For some people Easter is a time of reflection and the celebration of Spring.  Take the Easter egg for example, traditionally eggs symbolise life and at Easter we are celebrating new life with the coming of Spring. There is lots of symbolism with Easter, and you may have noticed a growing trend with the emergence of Easter trees.

Easter Trees aren’t a new fad, they are actually a centuries old German tradition. One that has been slowly spreading over into the UK. Traditionally in Germany at Easter time branches of trees and bushes are decorated with  eggs at Easter.  Outdoor tree branches are literally covered in brightly coloured eggs, they look very impressive. Indoors people cut branches and decorate these as well.

In the UK you have probably seen Easter decorations popping up in garden centres and in gift shops as this ancient tradition spreads over here. I personally think its a lovely notion, the idea of welcoming Spring and celebrating life after the dark winter days is a positive one. Gisela Graham is known for their Easter decorations and over the last 2 years we have been stocking their range of seasonal decorations. (View our range of fabulous Easter here: This year we have a beautiful “Country Folk” range as well as cute felt decorations. Should you be feeling inspired and fancy creating your own Easter tree this year we have a small pretty blossom tree that would look lovely decorated. (Priced at £ 24.95 in store) we also have some wreaths, bunting, tealight holders. For the more creative amongst you we also have some simple willow heart shaped wreaths. These can be decorated to suit the time of year, giving you a little more versatility.


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