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Drapers Magazine: Retailer Insight

I hope you all had a good Easter? As usual its been super busy at the Nest with Easter and deliveries, however I was busy this last week writing an article for Drapers Magazine. Now you probably wont have come across this title as its a national industry magazine aimed at retailers rather than consumers. I have read Drapers (as well as many other trade publications) for years as I love retailing, and the magazine usually has lots of interesting insights in it. (well I find it interesting, but then I like reading books about the history of Marks and Spencer and autobiographies by John Rockefeller..say no more!) Drapers contacted me and asked if I would be interested in writing a insight piece for them. We spent some time looking at a few different options and decided in the end to write about the declining wholesale relationships.  This was a topic I feel very strongly about, and it was an excellent excuse to indulge in the purchase of some new stationary…I got a bird pen from Wrendale  ( and new pad..Mr Magpie obviously moaned about this, but I explained I required these essential items as a budding writer. He doesn’t understand! Anyway I managed to write something that the lovely editorial team edited and were able to produce a pretty good article from. I was well chuffed. The article was a good read, but more importantly they managed to edit the photo I had supplied and make me look, less grumpy, less fat and dare I say it professional! You can have a read of the article here:

You may have to register to read the article in full, I think its worth the read.. but then I am biased:)

On the back of the article I have been contacted by Small Business Collaborative to do a short interview them. (See, I knew I NEEDED new stationary!)  So I have been busy answering the questions for this interview and trying desperately to find a nice picture of my mug to send them. The interview hasn’t been finished yet, but when it is I will share it with you.

Have a fab week, and if you need any stationary I can recommend our pens and pretty pads!