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Best of Brass on Whit Friday

Last week we entered the weekend with the Whit Friday brass band contest. This is a traditional event that is unique to Tameside. For those of you who don’t live locally, essentially brass bands come from all over the place (we have had brands from Austria before now take part) on a coach and they travel around Tameside performing at as many locations as they can. There are prizes from each location so the bands want to perform at as many venues as possible as this will increase their chances of winning. The judges at each venue have no idea who the band is, so there is no favoritism! The history of the band contest and a more professional description about it can be found here:  One of my favorite things about Whit Friday is that people of all ages come out to watch the bands. From 4pm you can usually see families with flasks of tea, blankets and fold away chairs gathering at venues to watch the bands. Some bring picnics, although most of the venues have food available. This year we attended the Stalybridge contest, which is held at the Labour Club. There was the most delicious Indian food from a local company called Chit Chat – Indian food worth talking about. A clever slogan that made me smile and right good food as well. Should you spot them catering at any other events in Tameside they are worth a visit.

It was the first time we had visited the Stalybridge contest, last year we sponsored an award but were not able to attend the event. This year we loaded the Magmobile and parked up for the contest. It was a great family event, and it was good to see some customers and have a catch up while listening to the band. Someone said to me they were sorry I hadn’t sold anything, and I explained its not really why we do this sort of event. For us as a local business we like to be involved in local events, and we like to offer support where we can. The band contests are a great tradition that is unique to Tameside and whether you love brass bands or cant stand them, there is a great atmosphere, and its something that would be a shame to see vanish, as many traditions seem to have a habit of doing.

Well done to Ashton Brass Band for securing 1st local prize – the category we sponsored this year. If you love brass bands or anything musical do check out our musical themed items, some of the Cath Kidston bags feature brass band scenes, perfect for carrying your Whit Friday picnics in!

We are already looking forwards to next years contest, see you there!


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