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The Magpie’s Go Shopping

With everything that’s going on at the Nest at the moment it may come as a surprise that we all managed to find the time to get out of the shop and go to one of the biggest gift and homeware industry’s buying events. (A certain Magpie has indeed been asked to speak at the event in previous years… but enough of the humble brag:) This is where the shops go shopping! We all wanted to go so we ended up going for two days. This meant we got to cover more ground and discover more new brands and products for you all. We certainly covered more ground.. our step count for those two days was through the roof!

We have got some great new products that we know you are going to love – we just can’t wait for you to see them:) You are probably wondering why on earth we bust a gut to get everyone to the event, as this year it definitely would have been much easier for us not to bother going (the renovations are very consuming and I know Catherine and Clara are both working long days covering holidays and my shifts) The reason we made the effort to go wasn’t simply to find new products, well that’s a factor of the visit- we always want to find new things that will wow and delight you – things you wont have seen or see in other shops locally. However we also go in “sponge mode” so we can learn. We want to know what the predicted trends are in the industry, how to create amazing displays, we lean about the brands and products we stock. The reason we do all this is because we want to be able to continue to give you the best shopping experience. This year we got within touching distance of Theo Paphitis ( I’m not going to lie I was a bit star stuck and it was later Clara said we should have got a photo… This is why she is the manager here!
It was a really good couple of days, and recharged our retailing batteries! The first of our new finds will be here this week, so keep your eyes peeled. Check out our new arrivals
Also, thank you all for your patience while the renovations works are taking place. There is still quite a way to go, with an expected completion date of 1st April (not a fool I promise!) So far most of the work has been taking place behind the scenes, but we have 98% completed the new loo’s which are located in the café now.