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Temporary Closure of Stalybridge Physical Store

As I sit down to write this weeks blog, it seems very strange to be saying I have taken the decision for the safety of my staff and my customers to close the shop because of the on going Corona Virus Pandemic that is taking place around the world. It seems strange because people are still out shopping, and going about their normal business, its a beautiful Spring evening the birds are singing and the Corona Virus seems like a mythical thing that cant be real. Yet it is, and its bloody scary. I’ve seen the videos of people who have been in hospital with the disease and I’ve read the diaries people have been keeping about having Corona. Its not pleasant viewing or reading. I certainly hope that I don’t catch it, and worse that I haven’t got it and passed it on to a customer or colleague.. because we can have this virus for days without it showing symptoms.. and that really is why I am closing the physical shop now. This is not a decision I have taken lightly, or been easy to make. In 7 years of being in Stalybridge I have never closed the shop, as I really believe that being a retailer in a small town means you have to be open as much as you possibly can, as our town centres compete against car parking charges,the internet,out of town shopping parks and now Corona Virus. I am fortunate that we have a website, its not the best  ( I know it does a stupid double page load.. I cant get that fixed at the moment.. just be patient the page will load, honest!) but it does work.. most of the time 🙂 So for now the plan is to trade online through our website. We are going to be getting as much new stock online for you as fast as we can. We will be offering you free same day local delivery if you order before 3pm. Should you be further afield we are charging £1 for standard delivery for as long as Royal Mail are operating as normal. Please don’t take the piss… this is a gesture to try to keep some income coming into a small shop that employs a few local people.. no one has lost their job so I need to keep the girls out of mischief!!

If you have a gift voucher you should be able to use it online – if the code isn’t working email me with the voucher number and value and I will activate it for you.

If you have a credit note email me with the credit note number and the value and I will activate that as a code for you so you can use your credit note for an online purchase.

If you need to make an exchange please email me and I will arrange a safe way for the exchange to take place.  Alternatively all exchanges will be honoured for 14 days as is our standard procedure when we reopen.

Please if you can continue to support us during this challenging time, it would be really appreciated. A simple like, share and comment on social media is a easy way you can help.

Many thanks to you for all your messages of support, and encouragement, please stay safe, be kind and look out for each other. Much love Liz x