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Sheila’s Funds Get Tails Wagging At Manchester Dogs Home.

As part of our commitment to our local community all our staff are eligible to donate their time  doing something voluntary for the community. As an employer we pay them for their time so rather than working a shift in store they work their shift with a charity.  (Read more about our community work here: ) Sheila who works the Winter season with us has wrote this weeks blog for us, where she talks about her community involvement  while she was at Magpie’s Nest this Winter.

Sheila, with her dog Milo

“I decided to donate to the dogs home after trying to volunteer my time as part of the great scheme Magpie’s Nest do. They pay you extra hours each month and these hours should be spent doing volunteer work to help the local community .
As a dog lover I really wanted to try and do something with dogs ,however little, to help with the great work Manchester dogs home or the Dogs Trust do, I was prepared to do anything to help, either working in their shop or dog walking or fund raising even cleaning out the kennels but unfortunately this  proved harder to do than I first thought. I didn’t get any response to my emails and when trying this on line it seems a very lengthy process of filling in forms attending interviews and seminars and at the time as I was only working over the winter months time was running out even though I was eager to get started.
Reluctantly I decided that maybe a donation would help them more. This way I thought it will boost their funds and let the experienced people already working for them do their job.
Magpie’s  Nest kindly agreed and a good size donation was made.”

As a business we have previously supported Manchester Dogs Home and were more than happy to make a donation for Sheila. Its maybe for the best she didn’t get a voluntary place at the dogs home, as I suspect she would have ended up bringing more dogs home with her!
Thank you to Sheila for writing this weeks blog. I am sure the dogs home would value any donations, so if you are able to donate money, or time please do get in touch with them here

Picture of the receipt from the Dogs Home donation.