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Mummy & Daddy Valentine Hanging Heart


Introducing our Ceramic Hanging Decorative Hearts – a delightful and endearing way for children to express their love on Valentine’s Day. These charming white ceramic hearts, adorned with scattered mini hearts along the edges, come with the sweet and playful wording options: “Daddy is my valentine” or “Mummy is my valentine.” Each heart features a twine hanging loop, making it a cute and thoughtful Valentine’s gift straight from the hearts of the children.

  1. Daddy is My Valentine Ceramic Heart: This heartwarming ceramic decoration lets children celebrate the special bond with their daddy on Valentine’s Day. The playful wording adds a touch of innocence and affection, making it a charming and meaningful keepsake.
  2. Mummy is My Valentine Ceramic Heart: For little ones who want to express love to their mummies, this ceramic heart is the perfect choice. The endearing wording, combined with the white ceramic and mini scattered hearts, creates a sweet and sentimental gift for Valentine’s Day.

The white ceramic provides a timeless and versatile backdrop, while the scattered mini hearts add a touch of whimsy and playfulness. The twine hanging loop makes it easy to display this cute decorative heart in various settings – from bedroom doors to special corners of the home.

Whether given as a surprise gift on Valentine’s Day or presented with love as a cute gesture, these Ceramic Hanging Decorative Hearts embody the innocence and sweetness of a child’s affection. Let the little ones express their love with these adorable and heartfelt tokens that celebrate the unique connection between parent and child.

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  • Size: 9x13x0.7cm
  • Daddy is my Valentine
  • Mummy is my Valentine
  • Please let us know which design you would like when ordering.
  • Designed in Derbyshire


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