Candle Care Kit


Package – 3pcs Candle Accessory Set , measure 7 inch, 8.9 inch , 8 inch,humanized fit hand grip, comfortable to hand .
Material – Candle tools made of metal material with an attractive polished,corrosion resistant for long life and durability,easy to use and wipe off any wax that might get on the snuffer
Candle Snuffer-Extinguish your candle wick the safe and proper way and avoid a spray of wax or excessive smoke by blowing out candles, or worse a nasty burn! Hold the snuffer just above the flame to snuff it out – any wax that might get on the snuffer easily wipes off
Candle Wick Trimmer- When are you going to light the wick, the scissors can help you be easily lit the wick, ensure your wick every time is clean, make sure your candle bright, more easily than ever before to use, it is really very convenient for use. And do not produce soot. Perfectly use to prevent wax flying off tip of candle.
Candle Wick Dipper- Correct the direction of the wick, Easy removal of stains

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