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New Year Resolutions

This week we launched our specials in the coffee bar, all of which are a healthier option. After a period of over indulgence at Christmas, I certainly was feeling ready to try to make some healthier lifestyle choices. So we created our specials that are all vegetarian (but you can add meat into them, just ask when you order!) as I wanted to have some healthier options for lunch.

However it’s not just the standard new years resolution of “I’m going to join and gym, and loose weight” people are starting to make bigger changes as resolutions. A few of my friends are attempting Veganuary – this is when you go vegan for 31 days! Check it out here: personally I couldn’t manage that I love my cheese too much:) Other changes people are making is looking at not using leather bags and swapping for Vegan leather options instead. Luckily we have a nice split of leather and non leather bags and purses in store so there is something for everyone.

Resolutions don’t just have to be big changes, a little change can make a big difference, such as simply trying to drink more water. This doesn’t sound like a particularly hard resolution to make, but I always struggle to drink enough water. When I do manage it, I always feel more alert and fuller, which has a side effect of me not snacking so that’s a plus point!!

Another resolution I hear a lot, especially at the moment with everyone worrying about money is that people are going to save money this year. Again, a little change like taking your own lunch to work rather than buying it everyday can make a big change. Also take a coffee with you rather than buying a takeout on your way in to the office. Shop around as well, there are some great deals to be had in January sales, stock up on birthday gifts and put them away for later in the year. These are just some small changes that will make a much bigger difference over a longer period of time.

We are in the middle of our January sale and we do have lots of items reduced to clear, which do include lunch bags, travel mugs, and gifts. Shop January Sale Here

Good luck with your resolutions this year, and remember it’s not a big disaster if you don’t mange to stick to them, its trying that matters. A week of being healthier will be better than nothing 🙂 See you soon Liz x

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