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New Team Members join the Nest

I am always looking for the right people to join our team at the Nest. Some friendly faces to brighten the day and help with our work. That’s when, like magic, Petronella appeared and said she would love to dazzle our customers. I thought she seemed enthusiastic.. maybe a little odd but I figured that would help her fit right in. When she said she had some friends who wanted to work at the Nest as well, I couldn’t believe my luck! I hastily agreed. They started this week, and I have to say I am not sure about their work ethic… what do you thin.

Petronella Pig. Sorry I mean HRH,Princess Petronella Pig. As you can see she is hard at work “dazzling” customers,and telling anyone who will listen about how she was the inspiration behind Catseye’s”Dazzle” range of beauty bags… I think someone might be telling porkies..


Frederick The Frog & Co.These three are the worst offenders, they have been in the bath all day, squabbling over whose turn it is have their back scrubbed!

And they have used a tonne of Wild Olive bath products and not paid for a single thing! Croaked something about staff discounts.


The Unicorns. These two have spent the day charging their magic. Apparently they need to be surrounded by pretty sparkly jewellery. This sadly means they cant do any work either.

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