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Magpie’s in the Community

Hi I’m Tracy the new bird to the Nest .

Having worked in Social Care for many years I have always had an interest in Community based projects to be involved in . I was recently appointed Community Magpie and instantly set to work looking for things the birds could be involved in!
Having seen a news clip about the ‘Big Help Out ‘ ( where people volunteered there time on the Coronation Weekend Bank holiday ,I was instantly interested. We decided to help locally so volunteered at Stalybridge Age Uk . We as a team spent the morning putting some of our shop skills to good use . Having thoroughly enjoyed our morning there we will definitely be returning. The team in the Stalybridge shop are always looking for volunteers, so if you have a bit of spare time why not pop in and give them a hand, they will really appreciate it!
I am now looking at us getting involved in more community based activities, we have booked a few tables at local fairs and events. Please get in touch if we can help your organisation by donating a raffle prize, or our time or if you are holding an event and need stalls. Give me a call on 0161 338 8262, pop in for a chat or drop me the details