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Kingsley is King of the Totes

I remember the first time that I saw this bag in the flesh, it was May 2013 and I had just placed our first order with Yoshi. I didn’t have much space in our first shop so was limited on how many bags we could fit in, so I had mainly opted for the on trend satchels, and small bags that would fit in our display units.

However I liked the look of this tote and I was curious to see it in the flesh and decided that it might be good to have a couple of bigger bags in the shop. When the delivery arrived and I pulled the Kingsley out of its dust bag, I was very impressed.

I was glad I had added this on to the order as I liked the bag quite a lot. In my wisdom I decided that the bag was far too big to fit in the display unit and it would have to come home with me and become my “everyday” bag. Well, that’s the official excuse as to why this one came home with me anyway!

That was 20 months ago, and I still use this bag daily.  The bag has got battered and worn with use and it looks great because of it. Don’t misunderstand, when I first got the bag it was beautiful its soft tan leather, with not a blemish on it. I made sure I took excellent care of it.

I would empty the contents out and put it away in its little dust bag every night, and I would take care where I left it so as not to mark it. Then somewhere along the lines I subconsciously started to just use it like a normal bag, after all its designed for use.

It started to get marks and wrinkles, and it looks really well used now, and I think it looks better for the wear and use. The bag is also available in black, and I suspect the black version won’t show up marks as easily as my tan one has.

The bag is a bucket style bag, which is fully lined in Yoshi fabric that has worn very well. Inside the cavernous bag are two slip pockets which fit mobile phones and keys in easily. The top of the bag has a zip top close flap, which gives you the option of having the bag fastened for security or open as a shopper style bag.

On the outside of the flap is an additional long slip pocket, this is great for popping shopping lists in or parking tickets as it’s easy to get them out without having to root through the bag to find where you put them. This also is added security, a few times I have been on my own in a car park and wanted to get my car keys out quickly and as they were in slip pocket I was able to do this without even having to stop and look in the bag.

The bag has two leather grab handles which have got discoloured with constant use (I suspect if I had maintained my care regime from day 1 it would still look like new) but I think it adds to the bags character.

I have and do carry some serious weight in this tote bag (see images) and I can confidently report that the lining and the handles haven’t torn.  This bag also comes with an easily detachable shoulder strap. This is a fixed length strap and is designed to wear on the shoulder for when your arms are aching (which they will if you carry as much stuff as I do in this bag!) I usually just have the strap inside the bag in case I need to attach it. However recently I have taken to leaving it attached and hanging on the outside as it fits to the shape of the tote easily without trailing dangerously on the floor.

I have really had my money out of this bag. The uses this bag has are many.  I have used it as an everyday bag, I have had 300 leaflets in it and used it as a leafleting bag with it on my shoulder, I have used it as carryon luggage ( you know they let you take a small suitcase and a handbag, well this was my handbag and I actually had another bag within this bag!).

The best use by far had to be as a dog carrier when Horace our pug x shitzu was out with me and decided he was too tired to walk home.  I also love this bag because I can tie a scarf to the handles when I am feeling particularly chic and colour co-ordinated.

This review is longer than usual, and I make no apology for it. This bag simply gets better with use and age, and  I have definitely had £90 of use from this one. You can buy the Kingsley tote at a special price of £65 for a limited time.

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