Fragrant Favours By Miri Scott

Hi, I am Miri I have spent over 16 years in the health and beauty industry having worked for a large number of fragrance houses, where I developed a passion for fragrance and creativity. I am proud to have created my own collection using my knowledge and expertise to develop these unique personalised favours.  I  create bespoke fragranced favours to suit any occasion including weddings, corporate events and other special occasions. Clients can choose their scent from our fragrance portfolio, which are all hand blended and produced in small batches using premium materials.

Our fragrances are blended with coconut oil and housed in a convenient 10ml glass rollerball bottle, meaning they are perfect for travel or to carry in your bag or pocket. My perfume oil will last longer than most alcohol based perfumes and will help leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturised.

I have a stand in Magpie’s Nest handmade shop upstairs where you can try out my fragrances and purchase individual perfumes.