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Black Candle Snuffer


The candle snuffer is made of high quality iron material, safely snuffing out your candles quickly and easily. Used to extinguish candle’s flame without spilling wax. It can be use on different occasions, like home, wedding, party. It is a great gift for candle lover.


-Color: Black.
-Material: Iron.
-Size: 21×3.5×3.8cm.
– Made of premium iron material for long term use and durability.
– Reaches deep into candles to cut spent wicks, allow cleaner burn and prevent soot build up.
– Candle snuffer prevents wick smouldering and lengthen the life of your candle.
– Wick snuffer can quickly and easily extinguish the candle in the wax.
– A great gift for candle lover.

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